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Personalised Tea Sets

Tea time has been a longstanding tradition, so using a personalised tea set is an excellent way to reach your target audience. When you browse available options, you are sure to find the perfect combination of supplies for making an impression on tea lovers. What is more, this kind of marketing item lasts longer than the typical paper flier or recyclable postcard.

Some popular printed tea set items we provide are branded boxes, cups, glasses, pots and tins. Each one is made from quality materials such as bamboo, metal, porcelain, glass or plastic. In addition, we provide a variety of branded soft packaging bags on which you can place your logo, slogan and product information.

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Branded Tea Sets for Your Office!

Inside each bag, box or tin includes one or more varieties of green, black or herbal teas in single-serving bags. We also supply refillable tea packages when available, and you also might notice some stirrers, holders and other accessories you can use when preparing your personalised tea sets for distribution. All of these are then customised by us according to your preferences and needs.

We put much thought into designing each personalised tea set you order from us. For instance, we know how important your company image is and suggest the best way to establish your brand. To increase awareness of your business, we will coordinate your branded tea sets with your logo. Many of the tea supplies you see in our product catalogue also have space for a slogan, tagline, or other text.

In case you are wondering if tea sets are the right branding item for you, we can help you decide. One way to determine the effectiveness of this kind of promotional item is to get to know your audience. Are they the type of people who would typically drink this beverage? If so, then you know they will appreciate a collection of tea and whatever accessories you want to offer to them along with it.

Contact us if you have any questions about our available personalised tea sets or about how to use them. Otherwise, we welcome you to provide for us any design ideas you have when you place your online order.

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