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Branded Sunglasses

If you want to increase customer retention, it is wise to distribute promotional items your target audience would carry everywhere. Branded sunglasses are one piece of merchandise they would use while driving to work, relaxing on the beach, and more. 

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Printed Sunglasses from Probos Promotions

We offer a vast selection of promotional sunglasses for either business or casual use. For instance, we offer a quality line of glasses with large, round lenses and others of a more oblong shape. In addition, you will find other lenses such as sport, retro, or wayfarer shaped ones found in our inventory. You can request an assortment of them if you want to accommodate for a variety of facial structures. 
If you want to impress your target market, you also could offer branded sunglasses with additional features. For instance, some lenses are coated with a UV 400 protective layer. Other types fold in half or have no seams, and some have eye tips. In addition, you have the choice of either metal or plastic frames made from durable materials. 
Some of our branded sunglasses also come with accessories such as a strap, pouch or cleaning cloth. In addition, you can find lenses with alternative colours other than black. Such varieties of our promotional sunglasses might be coloured a metallic blue or purple shade for example. You can request frames in a variety of colours as well. For instance, we have black, blue, green, red, orange and pink shades. Sometimes, we also have mirrored lenses, so please browse our inventory to see if we still have them in stock. 
Your supply of branded sunglasses will provide you years of repeat advertising for one price. This is a better return on your marketing investment than if you were to only pass out paper fliers or brochures. That is because your reusable promotional glasses will be worn in countless locations – many more cities and neighbourhoods than you could reach without them. 
You might have questions about how to use promotional sunglasses to increase your brand awareness. If so, you can contact us anytime. Otherwise, you can immediately order your next supply of promotional items today!

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