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Personalised Pedometers

Health and well-being is a priority for most consumers. Therefore, branded pedometers might be an ideal promotional item to use to reach them. This reusable merchandise also would work well to boost morale at fitness centres, hospitals, workplaces, homes and more.

Demographics of people that would most benefit from using branded pedometers include stay-at-home parents, career people, professional athletes or vacation tourists. After all, everyone needs exercise, and using the pedometer helps measure how much distance has been walked. It’s an excellent way for your target audience to keep track of their steps to make sure they meet their fitness goals. 

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Promotional Pedometers

To make sure you offer the most suitable model of pedometer to your ideal market, we have plenty of choices in our catalogue. Browse through them to see which ones you think would be the ideal merchandise for you. For instance, some of the walking meters in our stock measure heart rate and tell users how much calories they burned. In addition, many of these portable machines provide weekly or daily goals settings.

Every branded pedometer also has its unique features such as a fold-down cover, LCD screen, FM radio or stop watch. Therefore, they are useful for more than just walking. In addition, each one of the meters you buy from us has plenty of space on it for printing of your logo, slogan, or other graphics and text. 

When you request your supply of pedometers from us, we will customise them according to your current business colours. Otherwise, we will help you create a new design for any temporary marketing campaigns you currently have. 

You might be curious as to how effective the distribution of branded pedometers is, however. If so, just think of all the locations where these devices are used. For instance, people carry them on trails, at parks, or on treadmills. The fact that pedometers are used in so many places increases the likelihood that you will reach your target audience. 

If you have any questions about how to incorporate branded pedometers into your next marketing campaign, please contact us. Otherwise, we encourage you to place your first online order today. 

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