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Printed Promotional Paper Clips

Personalised paper clips might not be your first choice of merchandise to use for promoting a brand. However, this reusable merchandise has more marketing potential than you would expect. We can help you tap into your creative side as you present your company name to your ideal market demographic using clips and other office supplies. 

When you view examples of branded paper clips in our online catalogue, you will see more than just the standard office ones. For instance, many models of clips are reusable, and this means they provide you with longer periods of advertising exposure than would disposable paper literature. At the same time, your personalised paper clips could complement any offline or online marketing plans you already have.

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Custom Paper Clips Branded with Your Logo

Browse our product listings to learn more about what is available. When you do, you will notice brandable paper clips that would be excellent for use with text over a print background. Otherwise, we will take your current logo and place it over a solid coloured background.

We also provide additional options. For instance, you might notice some three-dimensional ones that would be most suitable for your advertising purposes. In addition, you also might see items that would be ideal for promoting sports mascots and encouraging team spirit. Others could provide your target audience with a little bit of love, whereas they are heart-shaped. Additional models of reusable paper clips are also in various irregular shapes that might work well with your logo designs.

We can help you fashion your paper clips according to each marketing launch you are planning. For instance, you might have some regular promotions that require the use of your current business logo. Then, you might have supplemental marketing campaigns that only are launched at certain times of the year.

If you have questions about using branded paper clips, be assured we can answer them. Also, know that whoever receives your paper clips is highly likely to use them at school, home or work. Please contact us for more information about ordering one or more types of promotional merchandise. Otherwise, feel free to place your first online order now.

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