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Personalised Branded Mints

Using as many types of promotional items as possible is the best way to reach your niche audience. One way to target your intended market is to offer them branded mints in a decorative case. 
Branded mints can be offered anywhere your customers might need a little edible treat that also freshens the breath. For instance, they are offered at restaurants, provided in hotel rooms, or passed around at private parties. Your mints in the tin also can be passed out during work conferences or anywhere else large groups of people gather. In fact, many leaders within houses of worship use mints to keep their mouth smelling pleasant during prayer time.

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Printed Mints for Your Next Giveaway

Before considering the use of mints to promote your company name and products or services, you might not realise how many options are available. We offer more than just the traditional square, round or rectangle tin box, so please feel free to browse to see how we can personalise your branded mints. For example, some models of mint tins can be stamped with an image that best represents your industry. You also could have your mint carrying cases shaped just like your business logo. Likewise, you can request that we coordinate them with your marketing brochures, business cards and more. 
What is more, just think of the power of repeat advertising your branded mints have. Anyone who receives a box of your personalised candy will take them on trips and pass them around to their friends. Wherever people are, they will notice your logo and spread the awareness of who you are and what you do. In the process, you will reach more people than you otherwise would without using this form of advertising.
Just one supply of branded mints in a box could provide you years of repeat promotion. The reason why is because the containers in which the mints are backed are often reused unlike throwaway paper ads. By the way, your personalised mint boxes are ideal for just about any industry. They are perfect for doctors’ offices, banks, schools or any other type of business. 
Feel free to order your first supply of personalised mints now. Otherwise, please contact us with any questions you might have concerning the use of this promotional item.

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