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Branded Memo Pads

Office supplies are used just about everywhere. For instance, you see them at corporate buildings or on front desk counters. They also are used in home offices and at public events. Branded memo pads are one of the most common office supplies used, and they make excellent marketing tools.

We provide quite a few options for you if you want to take advantage of promotion with branded memo pads. For instance, you might notice notepads in a foldable portfolio or spiral bound sticky notes in our product listings. Other items we often provide to marketers include memo pads on stands that also hold business cards and a pen or the sticky notes and notepad encased in a cardboard container. Some of these items are pending availability, so let us know if you have questions about what we have in stock.

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Printed Memo Pads from Probos Promotions Ltd

When you view our stock of memo pads and sticky notes, you will also notice notepads with different colours of paper. Some of them are neon for quick reference for urgent tasks, and some are white or plain coloured for making to-do lists that allows for prioritising of all projects. You might also notice pencil-shaped sticky notes or notepads with paper in other shapes when we have them in stock.

The advantage of marketing with branded memo pads is that they are used in places where many people are present. For instance, your target audience probably sees them at reception desks, store counters, or doctors’ offices. They also are placed in executive conference rooms or office complex cubicles. People at home use them as well for private or commercial use for keeping their own notes and passing them to others. In addition, they often are used as an advertising medium at trade shows and business fairs.

Since your branded memo pads are found where people are present, they offer you plenty of chances for branding exposure. We want you to take advantage of this opportunity to reach out to these individuals who could possibly become your most loyal customers. Therefore, we will help you by carefully designing all your promotional merchandise to coordinate with your current business logo. We also are available to assist you with composing brand new advertising designs for first-time campaigns.

Let us help you win over new customers and show current ones how much you appreciate them. If you have any questions about our products or services, please contact us. Otherwise, upload your design ideas to us and place your online order today.

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