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Branded Promotional Flasks

Branded flasks are one of the more unique but useful promotional items we offer. You can use them to send your logo and slogan out into the world. In doing so, you will reach more potential customers than you would with disposable ads.
We provide a variety of sealed flasks with covers that keep hot or cold liquids at the ideal temperature for as long as possible. What is more, each promotional flask you see in our stock is made from one or more durable materials such as glass, stainless steel, aluminium or plastic. They also are offered in the shape of a water bottle, alcohol flask or Thermos. 

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Personalised Flasks from Probos Promotions

Many models of flasks we provide include a removable lid that also can be used as a cup. Others might include two cups as a set or have a vacuum sealing feature. Otherwise, you could browse our stock to find out if we have “hot and cold” sets available. Whatever selections of flasks you prefer, they are useful for just about anyone who would receive them because most people carry lunches to the office. 
Promotional flasks also are useful outdoors, and they are beneficial to anyone who is travelling a long distance. Therefore, this item can be used to increase brand awareness no matter what industry you represent. Automobile, travel, consumer and retail customers would make use of them, for example. 
Where ever these flasks are carried, hundreds or even thousands of people will notice them. Therefore, you are advised to carefully plan the design of each one. We offer plenty of customisation options such as logo and slogan printing or artistic graphics with or without a tagline or slogan. If you do, it will increase retention in the minds of people who see them. 
You can distribute your promotional flasks at trade shows or non-profit fundraising events. In addition, they make excellent employee recognition gifts for presenting during awards banquets. If you plan team building events, they also could be used as a prize and passed out to winning competition participants. 
If you have questions about how to plan your next marketing campaign, please contact us. Otherwise, feel free to order your next supply of branded flasks today.

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