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Branded Computer Mice

Even when mobile, many people still use branded computer mice to operate their computers and laptops. They often do because it might be easier to perform certain functions easier than with a laptop touch pad. This provides you with new opportunities to increase awareness of your company name.

You can have a little fun when marketing with branded computer mice. For instance, you can upload to us your logos, images, graphics and text that you want us to use for personalisation of each computer mouse. All of this we will coordinate with your current marketing colours. Otherwise, we can help you create new designs for first-time product or service campaigns.

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Personalised Mice from Probos Promotions

Each one of your branded computer mice will portray your company as a professional. They will be used in office settings, at rest stops, on the beach, or anywhere else portable computers are used. Each time someone sees one of your personalised mice, it helps them retain information about your company. What is more, the promotional effect repeats continually unlike what happens with disposable paper ads.

Most of the mice you see in our catalogue are wireless. However, we do have a few USB powered optical mice to offer while still available. Please check our product catalogue for speciality merchandise as well. For instance, we sometimes carry car-shaped mice or kits stored in cases that also comes with a stylus or other helpful office tools. Our stock is subject to change, however. Therefore, we advise that you select the branded mice you want right now before we sell out of them.

Wherever your target audience travels, the people around them will notice your branded mice. If you distribute enough of them, people around the world will know about you and your products or services. To maximise these efforts, you can request any combination of direct printings or engrossment services we offer.

If you have more questions about the power of marketing with branded mice, please contact us. Otherwise, we encourage you to start with the order process right now. You can also use our online form to upload design samples to us for us in producing your merchandise.

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