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Personalised Compasses

It’s always important to know where you are going. Your target audience also might need directions when on a hiking trip or other outdoor adventure. You can use this opportunity to appeal to your potential customers using branded compasses.

A branded compass will not only tell your clients where they are when out in the wild, but they also make excellent tools for travel. Your clients will always have direction, which is important. However, you add another element to this by using your personalised compasses to help them remember your brand. Offering the compasses helps them have direction, and this could also include knowing where your company operates.

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Printed Compasses from Probos Promotions

We can customise your branded compasses with any combination of text and graphics you prefer. If you have design ideas for us to use, we are happy to take them upon you completing your request. Otherwise, we will communicate with you after you place your order to make sure the merchandise we produce lines up with your purpose. For instance, we often provide items that match a company’s current logo or create new designs for upcoming marketing campaigns.

You also might want to personalise your branded compasses with names, dates and other info that commemorates various events. This type of specialisation also will help you show appreciation when your customers make purchases either online or in a physical store. Your branded compasses also might make nice gifts for the active person who wins an outdoor competition or other athletic game.

We offer a variety of branded compass models. Your target audience might especially find the ones attached to a keyring or carabiner hook very useful for travelling. Others might set on a vehicle dashboard or perhaps would attach to your rearview mirror. Please browse our stock to see which kind we have available now, and we will print or engrave your preferred message or graphics on them.

Let us help you decide how to best use your branded compasses for marketing purposes. Contact us if you have any questions. Otherwise, we welcome you to complete your online order now. We will produce any combination of promotional merchandise you need.

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