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Personalised Chocolates

One way to win over certain sectors of your target audience is by providing them a treat to eat. Personalised chocolates often are a huge hit for targeting people of all ages. Promote any type of business with them regardless of industry focus. 

If you want to impress your potential customers with personalised chocolates, we offer several options. For instance, we provide squares in both dark and light varieties. In addition, we offer items such as bite-sized candies in covered glass jars, cotton bags or heart-shaped tins when available. We encourage you to ask us what is currently in stock, and we will fashion your merchandise to your preference.


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Promotional Chocolates from Probos Promotions Ltd

One advantage of promotional chocolates is the deliciousness of this marketing media. Furthermore, the containers in which this category of edible items are stored are typically reusable. Any time your promotional items are used repeatedly, that increases awareness of your company name. To maximise your ability to improve customer retention with your printed chocolates, we customise them just right.

We offer a variety of direct printing, engravement, embroidery and other services when personalising your branded chocolate and promotional packages. For instance, we can imprint any combination of text and graphics you feel would best promote your business. You can request one design for all your campaigns, or we can help you create logos for each product and service you want to sell.

Your promotional chocolates are useful for distribution in just about any commercial, educational or retail setting. For instance, you might pass them out at schools, corporate dinners or trade shows and in shopping malls. When doing so, you might combine them with other offers or hand them out as bonus customer appreciation gifts. You can even use them as awards for exemplary employee performance. Or, as another idea, use your branded confectionery to entice new job applicants to work for you. 

We encourage you to contact us if you have questions about how to use your branded chocolates. In addition, we can make recommendations of what promotional merchandise would best help you establish a worldwide corporate presence. Otherwise, you can go ahead and place your online order right now.


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