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Promotional Card Holders

Sometimes, the simplest form of marketing works best. At the same time, you can increase brand awareness with promotional card holders. They provide you with more marketing exposure than the typical throwaway paper ad. 
If you want to take advantage of the power of repeat advertising, order your supply of branded card holders today. Your company name and logo can be inscribed on any of our number of aluminium, plastic, fabric or faux leather card holders available now.

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Card Holders from Probos Promotions Ltd

You make a lasting impression while building your brand and reaching people in every location wherever your promotional card holders are carried. Likewise, you can use them yourself. They help you portray a high level of professionalism as you open one of these elegant cases and pull out a business card from it to hand to a potential client.
Use promotional card holders at any public event including trade shows, information booths and job fairs. Offer them as a gift at corporate meetings or use them as an achievement prize when an employee or project team reaches important work milestones. They are also excellent free gifts for business-to-business clients who register to use some of your services. Likewise, retail customers who order your products or services might appreciate receiving this promotional item.

Types of Promotional Card Holders

At Probos Promotions Ltd, we have plenty of fantastic promotional card holders on offer for you to pick and choose from. Some models are intended for displaying your business cards upright on a desk. Others are secured tightly with a snap, zipper or other closure. 
Some cases have a uniqueness all their own, in that they resemble executive folders and hold paper business cards in a pocket. When available, we also could suggest that you request single or retractable card holders. Otherwise, you perhaps might want padded covers that also come with a notepad.
Please browse to find out what we currently have in stock, and let us help you take advantage of using this type of advertising. Pay just once for your promotional card holders, and they will provide you and your potential markets years of use.

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