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Branded Promotional Blankets

Branded blankets are one category of marketing merchandise that helps you increase awareness of your company name regardless of industry. After all, people plan trips for both personal and commercial reasons. For instance, people take seasonal holidays to spend time with family. They also might be required to travel because their occupation requires it. 

When people travel, the promotional blankets received by you might be taken on buses, trains, planes or used in hotel rooms in countless locations. This gives you unlimited opportunities for people to notice your brand, products and services. Furthermore, these resuable items will help you reach people in more cities, towns and regions than you would using throwaway paper literature. Therefore, you will benefit from years of recurring advertising for one economical price.

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Personalised Blankets from Probos Promotions Ltd

We provide a vast selection of solid-coloured blankets for easy branding customisation. Just tell us what background shade would be most suitable for your business based on your current logo design. Furthermore, we provide a variety of patterned and plaid options that you can use to get creative with your effort to establish your brand. 

You can request a supply of a single colour of branded blankets, or you could order an assortment of colours. For instance, we offer them in red, black, grey, green, yellow or brown. In addition, some of them have other features or accessories such as a matching plush toy or a carrying pouch. You also might enjoy some of our other items such as neck pillows or picnic blankets when available. Feel free to browse our stock to see what accessories we currently have to offer. 

Use your blankets for everyday campaigns, or incorporate new designs of blankets into your limited-time and seasonal marketing efforts. Soon you will expand your customer base beyond what you ever thought would be possible as you reach new prospects in places you never thought you would. 

If you have questions about how to increase customer retention using promotional blankets, please contact us. We also can confirm that an item is still in stock. Otherwise, feel free to order your first supply today as you market your latest brands, products and services. 

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