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Printed Promotional Advertising Novelties

Promotional advertising novelties help promote and sell your merchandise, brand, club, or association. Customers love printed advertising novelties that are useful. Probos Promotions sells a wide variety of merchandise designed to help your company to market your brand or name.

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Personalised Advertising Novelties from Probos Promotions

Novelty pens and pencils are practical and useful and it helps reminds customers of your name and products. They use them to write at work, school, or at home. Pens and pencil come in different colours and styles and can be designed to meet your needs. These are excellent Personalised Advertising Novelties when used correctly.
Most organisations and companies can’t go wrong when getting their brand on a personalised promo bug. These are highly popular items that keeps the customer entertained and reminds them of your products and services. Probos Promotions has a wide variety of these branded printed logo-bugs that can be designed with the colours and style you want. These items are excellent Personalised Advertising Novelties!
Fancy making some noise about your brand? Well Probos Promotions has got you covered with it’s wide range of novelty noise makers so that you can easily get your company noticed throughout many events and giveaways. Noise makers are a great promotional novelty for the fact that when a customer uses these everyone else around them hears and sees your brand too!
Alternatively if you’re in the charity business we have plenty of fantastic charity boxes that are brand-able from head to toe. Really push your brand and your message towards the cause you are fighting for with these unmissable printed charity boxes. No one will be able to resist partying with some change after seeing your brilliantly designed promotional charity box. 
Promotional advertising novelties are a great choice if you want a quirky and unique way for your company to be noticed. There's no need to stand amongst the crowd when you can be the one on stage with all the attention! A simple novelty gift may be all you need to use in order to start a conversation with a prospective customer or client, allowing you to make a positive first impression that engages the recipient.
Probos Promotions offers a wide range of printed advertising novelties at fantastic prices, we guarantee you'll find everything you need for that unique promotion!

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